Bar options

Here in San Antonio, it is not uncommon for the guests to purchase their own alcohol throughout the event.  Many of our guests however, decide to pay for some or all alcohol served prepaid. All prepaid alcohol are offered for discounted rates.

Option 1:  Pay for a certain amount and will decide to pay for additional amount if necessary. 

Option 2:  Purchase bar tickets to be given only to guests of your choice.

Option 3:  Purchase an open bar.  Pricing for open bar is based on what kind of drinks offered, number of hours, and number of people. 

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We are a licensed TABC establishment, therefore, absolutely no outside alcoholic beverage is allowed to be brought in. As per TABC law, when alcoholic beverage is brought in the property, our license is automatically revoked.  That is something we want to avoid. 

To counter this dilemma, we have made our alcohol pricing to the minimum without losing business.  Our bar pricing is reasonable compared to bar pricing available in other venues or any other bar. We want you to have a great time and at the same time, be safe.  The most important for us is your safety.  Having us serve your alcohol gives us the control of how much alcohol your guests consume and be able to monitor them.  If we allow your guests to bring their own alcohol, we would have no control of their consumption, causing a very possible high risk and liability for both us and our clients. There may be some occasions where we have to cut off a guest for over consumption. 

We have a full bar serving a reasonable number of beer brands, well drinks, as well as top shelf alcohol such as Johnny Walker Black, Patron,  Grey Goose, Chivas Regal, Don Julio and 1800 tequila.  We also offer blended exotic drinks, such as Piña Colada, Blue Hawaiian, Tequilla Sunrise, Sea Breeze or Margarita.  We can modify these drinks as ordered as well according to your preference, as long as it does not exceed the alcohol amount as stated in the TABC laws. Wine and champagne are also available and so are blended alcohol free tropical drinks for the guests who are under age for alcohol consumption.

We have experienced bartenders who are experienced in tropical drinks to fulfill your sweet desires. 

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