Please scroll down to see the many possible products available.  Everything can be personalized and customized.  Note, prices may very based on complexity of design.

$14.95                     Basic Bottle Etching

Most bottles can be etched as long as they are not of any weird, extraordinary shape such as an "S" shaped and can be turned evenly.  If it's weird shaped but has enough engravable are, it can still be done.  Additional charges may apply for shape difficulty.

$39         Guest Sign in table or Cake Topper, or at the end of the night, can be used as Photobooth prop

A smaller version, about a quarter of the size of the Head table displays

Sizes may vary depending on length of names and included cliparts.

Acrylic drink coasters
$1.50 each with orders of 100 or more.
$2 each for orders of 50 to 99
$3 each for less than 50

plus design fee of $20.

Design fee is waived for orders of 50 or more.

Photo on leather

$25 Starting on 5"X7"

Pricing varies on sizes


Wooden book cover with living hinge.  Sizes customizable. Available for book sizes up to 22" overall width (Book wide open"  All graphics or texts customizable. Also available on acrylic with variable prices due to difference on acrylic pricing. Mirrored, colored, or clear.

Photos on acrylic

Prices vary with customized sizing.

Commemorate your favorite photos on acrylic.  Pricing varies based on sizes

Starting at $35 5"X7"

Personalize your tumbler

$10 Basic Text Engraving

$15 Text with vector image

Most items can be personalized or customized.  Pricing for customization may vary.  Clear LOGOS and clip arts may be emailed and included with your project. Clip arts should have a continuous cutting outline, however it can still be done manually for additional fees. We are not limited to doing event props. Your creativity is the limit. For inquiries, please call Hector at 210-535-4633.  

$65         Basic Sweetheart or Head Table Display  Personalized and customizable

Up to 23 inches overall width 4 - 6 inch height

No LED light

Flat Rectangle or Oval stand Base

Sizes may vary depending on length of names and included cliparts.

Wooden Drink Coasters

Low cost and affordable gift for your guests

Less than 100 pieces $1.50 each plus $20 set up fee

100 or more $1.25 each,

set up fee waived.

Optional, colored acrylics for double the price due to material cost.

Promote your business with your company's logo and information.

$15 Tumbler engraving individual

$10 Bulk rate of 10 or more

$5 Bulk rate of 200 or more

$14.95        Reading Flashlight or multitool

Laser engraved photo on Maple plywood. 

5"X7" $25

8"X10" $39

Maximum size of 23"X17"   $69

Photo on painted leather

$35 starting at 8X10

LED acrylics

Pricing varies on size and complexity of design

If you know what you want, please call for pricing details.

Mounted with RGB LED, with remote control, demo mode with changing colors, battery or corded 

This LED acrylic was a drawing by my young daughter on a sketch paper.

Materials Available

Basic Thickness 1/8"

Wood  Maple, Alder, or Oak

Extruded Acrylic, clear, colored or Colored mirror (gold, silver, blue, pink, purple, bronze)

Clear Cast Acrylic

    (recommended for high contrast        on clear non-colored props)

I can not possibly stock all colors of materials. Please order in advance as I may have to order the materials to make your project.

For gift items, please call in advance, or if you have them, you may bring them in for engraving and you'll be charge only for engraving. Prices vary on the item.


Acrylic Head Table Display

Up to 24" Wide

Height & length depends on length of names to properly distribute spacing.

With Photo add $10

Le Chateau

Banquet Hall & Boutique

Engraving, Cutting & Marking

$25 Mousepad

Personalized photo on leather with foamboard backing

$4.95  each    Personalized Shot Glass

$3.95 each for orders 10 or more

Cheap but effective. It's the thought that matters.


LED lit layered colored mirrored acrylic U.S. Plaque. A beautiful decoration for home or a special award for a deserving recipient.  Plaque on base customizable.  Right side of frame intentionally left blank for customization.

$3.95 each

Fridge Magnet Invitation

4"x5" 1/16" acrylic thickness with Fridge magnets

Each additional inch in size added, add $.50 each

I Recommend minimizing the number of texts to lower material cost and engraving time. Your guests might not want to cover their whole fridge with your invitation but keep the texts large enough to read. 

6 pack Beer holder

Personalized with your name or texts $25

Non personalized with Le Chateau Logo $15

$29.95  Ladies Gift Set

On Maple Wood, Makeup mirror, keychain and pen

$15 Various basic engraving provided with image. Design fee applicable for design works.

$9.95      Basic Cake Topper

Non personalized.

Maybe personalized with engraved name on base for additional $4.95

On flat oval base. Easily sits on top of cake

or can be used as any table props.

$65 Full size up to 24 inches wide. $39 Cake Topper size p to 12 inches wide. Laser cut and engraved cast acrylic display with integrated photo engraving. A beautiful complex design envied by many.


12"X12"  Commemorative Photo on Granite

50 cents each

Acrylic with fridge magnet business cards. More costly but much more effective than paper business cards that usually just ends up in the trash.

Minimum order of 50 cards.


This is a full 23"X17" overall size on acrylic

No need to spend extra for framing as the frame is engraved on the acrylic itself.  2 holes are predrilled at the top and at the bottom of the frame for mounting on walls with screws.  Just touch up the screws to match the color.

If you want the whole size with the photo and spend extra on the framing somewhere else, we can do that as well.

$8.95 each           5 or more $7.95 each

Etched flute, wine glass or pilsner glass

Personalized Photo Frame

Fits 8X10 photo                  $35

Fits 5X7 Photo                      $25

$95            LED lit  Sweetheart or Head Table  

Same as the basic Head Table Display except, 

lit with battery powered  LED changing colors with remote.

This is available on raised rectangle base only to house the LED lighting.

You may have the oval base if you don't mind the batteries and LED exposed.

Suggested materials used is mirrored acrylics

$65 Gift Box for any event. Great for your sign-in table. Customized and personalized for your needs.  Made out of maple plywood. Box height is 8"X7.5" Height= 8 inch. Overall height with backplate is 1 Ft. Customized with laser engraved photo, image or texts. Additional text or photo can be added on side walls for just $10 more.